• Honoring

    Breonna Taylor

    In your memory, we vow to make our community a better place.


  • Celebrating Breonna's 30th Birth Anniversary

    Our community gathered in numbers in rememberance and celebration of our beloved sister, Breonna Taylor, as her legacy lives on.

    For those who want to continue celebrating with us, Breonna's birthday is June 5, 1993.

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    Happy Birthday, Breonna

    On June 3, 2023, dozens gathered at Shawnee Park in Lousiville, KY from morning till dusk – family, friends and those who came to know Breonna Taylor in her death – celebrating on a hot June day, the passing of yet another birthday, without her.


    "This is a celebration. This is a memorial. This is everything to give you the strength," Pastor Nikki Cooper, said.

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