About Our Mission

    Taylor Made Re-Entry creates unique experiences to facilitate safe and successful re-entries back into the community. Our customized programs are designed to provide a structured system that rehabilitates while an impacted citizen is incarcerated and post-release support.

    We are here to advocate for you, your loved ones, and the betterment of the community!


    Our Founder, Dee Dee Taylor

    Dee Dee Taylor grew up the daughter of an incarcerated parent, with no memories of her father outside of prison. She is also the oldest sister of Breonna Taylor who tragically lost her life in a botched raid by Louisville, Kentucky police officers. Dee Dee is determined to change the narrative of her young life and not let bitterness, fear, or trauma dictate her story.


    After graduating from Jackson College with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice degree in 2014, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work degree with a minor in Psychology from Central Michigan University in 2016, Dee Dee understands that traditional educational instruction is not the basis for change across the country. The innovation, courage, creativity, and commitment to fight for better will move the needle for communities in a positive direction.


    A piece of this revolution is Helping Eradicate Adverse Law-Enforcing (H.E.A.L.) a national movement that addresses the impact created by police officers who have unjustifiably destroyed black and brown communities with their lack of judgment in how policing happens in communities of color.

    Healing is a layered experience that must encompass all groups and people. The second piece of this initiative is educating law enforcement officials on the importance of reevaluating traditional police methods and the procedural errors that are creating hurt in our communities.  


    With this hurt comes pain and with pain comes responsibility; there is an obligation as individuals to recover from our personal hurt. There is an even bigger responsibility in that recovery process to assist others and support their healing journey.

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    Dee Dee Taylor embraces the role of the vessel that helps with healing and change.


    Our WHY...

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    As the daughter of an incarcerated parent, Dee Dee Taylor grew up with no memories of her father outside of prison. Dee Dee is determined to change the narrative of her young life and not let bitterness, fear, or trauma dictate her story.


    As the founder of Taylor Made Re-Entry, Dee Dee has found a greater responsibility to assist others througout their own special journey to support individual growth.


    Taylor Made Re-Entry embraces its role as a vessel that helps with healing and change to combat recidivism.

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    A Tribute To Our Sister; Breonna Taylor

    On March 13th 2020, Lousiville Metro Police conducted a botched raid that lead to Breonna Taylor's death. The polixe falsified the affadavit for the search warrant that authorized the 'no-knock' ban. After twenty stray bullets flew into her home, eight of those shots hit Breonna, leaving her lifeless.
    Our Father represents many parents who have lost thier children to police violence and racial injustice in America. Unfortunately, my sister didn't make it to see our dad come home.
    Her life was a blessing,
    Her memory is a trasure,
    She is loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

    Justice For Breonna Taylor


    - Development Goals & Strategies -

    Taylor Made Re-Entry strives to provide immediate support services for the massive amounts of long-term offenders who will be released due to Governor Whitmer's efforts to advance criminal justice refore in Michigan. To provide no-cost services to our returning citizens, we need your support to help with emergency resources, prevention strategies, and legal services. The financial support summary is based on a five-year sustainability budget that will impact thousands of returing citizens per year.


    Your gift has a purpose and will make a tremendous difference!


    Administration Costs


    Start-up Expenses


    Operating Expenses


    Direct Services


    Employment Services

    = $1M

    Total 5-Year sustainability Budget Plan

  • - Methodology - 



    We anticipate our mission's growth to include mobile app development, resource fairs, workshops, website development, and resource centers.


    With our community's generoud support, we plan to provide rapid response strategies, accessible online/ in person classroom settings, no-cost supportive service solutions and customized long-term care to participants.


    Our mission is supported by work inside and outside of correctional facilities, community events, workshops for impacted citizens, and more.

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    Your support means the world to our impacted citizens and their communities.